Know Your Move

America is on the move. In fact, 41 million people move every year — that’s 36,000 families every day! (They must really get tired!) And moving has been voted (by a panel of weary experts) as near the top of the Stress List—right above having your new car stolen while in the dentist’s office getting a root canal when he’s late for a golf game the day after you lost your job.

I know. I’ve moved 44 times in 35 years! It’s been everything from throwing clothes in the back seat to nervously watching as big hairy men packed the cream cheese with the stereo. I’ve also been one of the big hairy men, working in the moving industry. Hey, cream cheese makes good packing material! I know the raw power of packing cherished belongings as families stand helplessly nearby. “Please don’t pack my kitty, mister!”

So I have lots of smart ideas—and some war stories—to share with you to reduce the stress of your next move. No, it won’t go away. Stress is a part of life. So is moving. But, together, we can put moving in its proper place on the Stress List: just below watching reruns of Gilligan’s Island. We can move smart! includes checklists for getting organized — what to do one month before, two weeks before, one week before, and the day before the move. There are even tips on moving on short notice. This website contains valuable packing and loading advice, tips on how to safeguard the fragile stuff, and a checklist of essential packing supplies. offers important information on hiring a mover — from evaluating estimates and negotiating a contract to purchasing insurance and checking for a consumer complaint history. It also shows you how to save big bucks in moving yourself without giving them to your chiropractor. Moving smart! is filled with easy-to-follow advice for a stress-free moving day — from packing a Moving Day Survival Kit to keeping the kids and pets occupied (or at least heavily sedated!). This comprehensive and practical website will save readers a truckload of problems. offers valuable tips on staying connected during a move — from canceling and starting your phone, cable, mail, and utilities, to carrying a cellular phone (or a pre-paid phone card) on moving day. also tells you exactly what to do if the move doesn’t go smoothly — tips from dealing with difficult movers to getting restitution for damaged or missing items, all while keeping your cool (and your wallet). includes practical ideas for moving on: what to do after the move — registering to vote, updating drivers licenses and vehicle registrations, finding new doctors, and getting information on community activities, libraries, schools, and parks. How to get on with your new and improved life.

There’s also a Movers Glossary of Smart Moving Words on this comprehensive website. It defines the words that movers use in mixed company. The goal on my website is to take the stress out of your next move with some practical information and some fun. Let’s get moving!