Choosing a Moving Vehicle

Nothing is more frustrating than getting to the end of your moving vehicle before you get to the end of your stuff."So, what do we leave behind: the dining room set or the bedroom set?" And maybe you're afraid of having to drive a moving vehicle that's larger than the home you left!"Looks like we're eating at truck stops all the way!" Or maybe you're concerned about loading a pickup truck with stuff hanging off the sides!"We look like the Joads in The Grapes of Wrath!" What kind of a vehicle will you need for your do-it-yourself move? Good question. And this section offers good answers. Should you rent a truck? Rent a trailer? Borrow a pickup? Use a car? This question has no universal answer. Your family's moving needs are different from that of your neighbors. You may need a 26-foot van to hold your furniture, appliances, tools, and toys, while your neighbor may be able to move in a small, enclosed trailer—or in the backseat of a borrowed car. Let's consider your options.

1 Choosing a Truck
2 Choosing a Trailer
3 Borrowing a Truck
4 Trailer Hitches
5 Choosing Equipment
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