Moving Words You Should Know

accessorial services Services other than actual transportation, such as packing, unpacking, picking up goods from a second location, and so on. Charges for these services are in addition to transportation charges.

addendum (change order) A form used to amend the original estimate, usually due to changes in items to be shipped or services to be performed.

additional transportation charge (ATC) An adjusted charge that compensates the carrier when he performs services in areas where labor rates are higher than the national average. It also compensates a carrier for costs due to traffic congestion and for added time traveling for pickup or delivery.

appliance service The preparation of appliances that need special handling before shipping.

advanced charges (third party service) Charges for services performed by others but arranged for by your agent. Charges will appear on your bill of lading. Typically these are for specialized services to prepare delicate or valuable items.

agent A local moving company with authorization to act on behalf of a national moving company.

auxiliary service (shuttle) A smaller truck (shuttle) that is used when a large van for some reason cannot travel the roads required to reach a pickup or drop-off point.

bill of lading The contract between you and the moving company. It also serves as your receipt for your belongings.

binding estimate A written, guaranteed price for shipment based on an itemized list of items to be moved, the distance to be traveled, and services to be performed.

booking agent The agent who accepts your order for shipping and registers it with the van line.

bulky article Large items, such as cars, boats, and campers. An additional fee is charged for the difficulty of handling such items.

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