Planning the Load

After you've matched the available space (1,800 cubic feet, for example) to the space you need for your stuff (fewer than 1,800 cubic feet, I hope!), it's now just a matter of using the space efficiently.

Smart loading of your truck will make the drive easier and safer. A loosely packed load can shift and cause the truck or towing vehicle to sway, which can lead to loss of control. A poorly balanced load can make driving harder and even damage the towing vehicle. And a poorly packed truck may lead to damage of your furniture and other possessions. It's well worth the time to plan how your truck should be loaded—and to follow your plan. Jot the plan down in your Smart Moving Notebook. While you are taking your time loading, remember that unloading will be much quicker because of smart loading.

First, wrap all of your furniture and appliances in moving pads. It may seem expensive to rent so many pads, but otherwise you take a chance on having things arrive at your new home with new scratches or gouges. These wraps come in assorted sizes, thicknesses and names (furniture blanket, furniture wrap, furniture pad, moving quilt). You can also use old blankets, pillows, sleeping bags, and similar soft, thick, padded items as furniture wraps.

Next, mentally divide your truck's cargo area into quarters. You will load it one quarter at a time, working from floor to ceiling and packing it as solidly as possible. Think square. Try to create heavy squares as the first level of your load, and build up from there.

For example, you can fit two, three, or four pieces together to make a rectangle or square, and then wrap them all together with a furniture wrap. Once a quarter of the space is packed, tie it off with rope. Fill any small spaces with boxes or other small items.

The key to efficient loading is to pack tightly. Don't waste space. Put boxes under chair legs. Place long, flat pieces under sofas and other furniture with legs. Leave lightweight items in furniture drawers. You get the idea. Take your time and load well.

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