Making the Move

Hey, it’s Moving Day! You’ve been dreading this day since Day One. And it’s finally here! So how the heck can you get through it without prescription drugs and other medical intervention? By being a Smart Mover! And this part of the website you hold in your nervous hands offers some clues. Following is a list of the topics we’ll be covering:

  • Survive Moving Out
    It’s Moving Day! Lucky you! You’ve somehow survived the last few weeks or months since making the decision to move. You’ve selected a mover—or decided to move everything yourself—and moving day has arrived. It’s too late to back out now! So what can go wrong? Everything! And what can you do about it? That’s what this section is about: surviving moving day by being ready for any and every pitfall.
  • Moving Children
    Moving is atop the stress list for adults. It’s off the charts for kids! “After $4,000 in orthodontics, Sally finally has a boyfriend—and we’re moving!” “Roger just made the football team—and we’re moving!” “Bobbie is supposed to start kindergarten next month—and we’re moving!” “Junior just made the Ten Most Wanted—so we’re moving!” This section can help you with one of the most difficult parts of moving: helping children move.
  • Moving Pets and Plants
    The movie, Homeward Bound, is cute—but isn’t reality. If your two dogs and a cat somehow get lost in the move, they probably won’t mysteriously show up at your new home, tired and speaking with human voices. Our real fear concerning animals is that we’ll lose them somewhere along the way, and we don’t want to do that. Teenagers, maybe, but not our pets. By now you’ve guessed what we’re going to cover in this section. No? Need another hint? Moving pets! And plants!
  • Moving In
    Home, sweet home! Well, not quite yet. You still have to move your stuff in and put it away somewhere. But your new place will soon be a home. This section offers tips on how to get acquainted with your new living quarters, how to unload your stuff or direct the movers, and how to make your house/apartment/condo/trailer a home.
  • Making a Home
    Everything you own is now somewhere within your new living space. The hard part—getting from here to there—is done. The important tasks now involve unpacking, getting acquainted, getting utilities turned on, and getting rid of the boxes and trash. You’re ready to feather your nest. Let’s get started.
  • After the Move
    Whew! What a move! We’ll never do that again! Maybe yes and maybe no. The average American (if there is such a creature) moves, on average, every 4.7 years. And that figure factors in all those folks who stay put for a lifetime. So you and I must be moving even more frequently. How do we survive these moves? How do we keep from overdosing on sleeping pills when the boss or spouse says, “It’s time to move!”? Actually, moving can be a good thing. It can force us to clean out the garbage in our lives, unpack the attic of our existence, and discard the superfluous. Moving can give us a fresh start at a new life.