Adjusting Habits

The sign near the old dirt road correctly declared “Choose your rut as you’ll be in it for the next ten miles.” Sometimes we can really get into ruts. “Well, I’ve always done it this way.” And a move is an intersection in your road of life. It’s a good time to choose a new rut. Looking for ideas?

Got some habits you’d just as soon not have? Trade them in! Maybe it’s smoking, overeating, biting your nails, or watching six hours of soaps every day. Whatever the habit, if you identify it as unwanted, consider leaving it behind with no forwarding address. There may even be support groups for breaking bad habits in your new community. Ask at the library, your church, school, or civic center. Hey, maybe you can use your Smart Moving Notebook to jot down some unwanted habits.

Conversely, you may want to add some habits to add to your repertoire. Maybe you want to give a smile to folks who seem to need one. Maybe you’d like to say “no” and hang up on those folks who call for “the person in charge of your long-distance telephone account.”

How are you ever going to find a dentist like Dr. Soper who doesn’t mind your sobbing in the waiting room? Well, ask Dr. Soper for a referral before you move! He may know of a kind dentist in your new location. Or he can look it up in the Directory of Sissy Dentistry.

And what about lawyers and other professionals? Same thing: Ask for referrals before you leave. Or call local legal, dental, medical, or veterinary referral services. Look them up in the Yellow Pages under “Lawyer Referral Services,” “Dentists’ Information Bureaus,” “Physicians’ and Surgeons’ Information Bureaus,” “Veterinarian Information & Referral Services,” or similar headings. Check with your local library if you’re still having a problem finding the professional you need. If you’re not moving far away, you may even elect to return to your old providers as needed.

The point here being: Your move is a good chance to trade in your old, tired, habits for some fresh, new ones. There may be a transfer fee, but it will be small compared to the value of your enhanced life. Satisfaction guaranteed or double your bad habits back.

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