Moving On

You’ve heard the expression: When you’re up to your neck in alligators, it’s hard to remember that your initial intent was to drain the pool. So it is with the process of moving. Why was it that we decided to move? Oh, yeah. To get a fresh start. Give yourself a breathing period after your move. Maybe a week or a month or more. Then get on with your new and improved life.

And do so with the same rule you used in deciding what to move: Keep what’s worth keeping and get rid of the rest. “Sorry, Betty Sue. I’m moving, but you’re not! Barbara Sue is!”

“The fire just about wiped us out. But at least we won’t have to make lots of moving decisions!” It doesn’t take a fire to clean house. Plan to leave bad memories, experiences, and tragedies behind you. Don’t move them. And don’t go back for them.

If your move is intended to give you a fresh start at life, make it happen. Redesign your new life. Make the needed changes. Leave what you don’t need. Move on. You don’t have to change your surname, but you can take this opportunity to pick up a new first name—or nickname. “My given name is Jarod, but please call me J.R.” “I’m now Donna…so you can quit calling me John.”

Have you ever, after many years, gone back to a place that was once home? It’s true: You can’t go home. That pretty yellow house with the white picket fence is now painted purple with a ten-foot chain-link fence and a cannon in the front yard. So forget the old place. It will never be the same again. Just take along the memories.

Can you ever go back and visit the old neighborhood. Sure! Just don’t expect it to be as you left it. It may or it may not remain as you remember it. But your memories of it will probably be different than the reality. Stay in touch with those you choose to be your friends. Use the holidays or a friend’s birthday for an opportunity to call or write and renew friendships.

No regrets. Even if your move was a forced one, don’t spend lots of time looking back and wishing things were different. Make them different for the future. Be glad that you’re a Certified Smart Mover. And welcome to your new home. May it be a goodmove for you!

 Adjusting Habits