Setting Up for Movers

It’s exciting to see your belongings arrive in a moving van, fully aware that you won’t have to unload them. So what can you do make yourself useful? Here are some ideas:

  • Keep out of the way, but be available to answer questions.
  • Find something for the kids to do: Visit the library, the mall, or the video store.
  • Turn all the lights on in the house for better visibility. Replace any burned out or missing bulbs.
  • Prop doors open.
  • Open garage and storage building doors.
  • Clear sidewalks and driveways.
  • Turn on a radio or stereo, if possible.
  • Make sure no children or pets can escape or get in the way and be hurt.
  • Turn on fans and open windows if it will be a warm day.
  • Make sure that the bathroom is equipped with soap, paper towels, and toilet paper.
  • Mark rooms with a paper sign on the door: master bedroom, girls bedroom, den, baby’s room.
  • Draw a map of your new house, marking the rooms on the map.
  • Get out your wallet to pay for your shipment when it arrives.
  • Use your copy of the inventory to check boxes into the house.
  • Stand by the main door to inspect any obvious damage to items coming in.

Moving Tips

Watch out for unloaders who want to slip by you at the door as they may be concealing damaged furniture or boxes. If you suspect a problem, ask the mover to set the piece down so that you can inspect it.

 Planning the Unload