And what if you have to do the unloading? How can you make the process go smoothly and efficiently? Organization is the key.

  • Know what everyone does well and assign tasks accordingly.
  • Label each room with the same designations and in the same colors that you used when marking all your boxes.
  • Appoint one person to supervise the move.
  • Keep an eye out for people who may try to borrow things from your moving truck before you’re fully moved in.
  • Place incoming furniture and boxes in the appropriate room and, if possible, the preferred location in the room to save moving things twice.
  • Use the proper moving tools: utility dolly, appliance dolly, box knife.
  • Set up beds early and make them before you do any other unpacking. You’ll be glad later!
  • Don’t carry too much or work too hard and exhaust yourself halfway through the unloading.
  • Make sure everyone takes a break at least every couple of hours.
  • Eat something.

Moving Words

Shipments that require payment upon delivery are known as C.O.D. (Cash On Delivery). Payment can usually be made in cash, traveler’s checks, money order, cashier’s check, credit card, or b- blood.

 Setting Up for Movers

First Days