Pet Moving Day

Moving day is hectic for everyone, including pets who are in the house when the truck arrives. If you do keep your pets at home, they will need to be confined somewhere out of the way of the movers, whether the movers are family and friends or professionals. While most pets are happiest at home, moving day might be a good day to send them to a friend, pet sitter, or kennel for safekeeping.

If they are kept at home for moving day, find your pets a safe, comfortable, confined space out of the inevitable confusion. Best, of course, is a familiar, well-liked space, such as the crate of a crate-trained dog.

Make sure they are fed their regular foods on their regular schedule, walked on time, and that plenty of fresh water is easily available. Stop and talk with them often to reassure them. If you have children, assign one to check on the pets often and exercise them if they are confined to a small space.

 Preparing Pets to Move

Pet Moving Requirements