Preparing Pets to Move

Taking your dog? For many people there’s no question. When they move, their pets move. If your move is short, relocating a pet is relatively simple. If your move is across the country it will be more difficult to take the dogs and cats, but it can still be done comfortably. The issues concerned are emotions, health, and comfort.

Should you move your pets? Our pets are just like the rest of us—some are easygoing and some are easily upset. You know your furred and feathered friends best. Consider their temperaments as you make moving plans. Will Felix the cat curl up on Sissy’s lap and happily sleep away the trip? Or will he turn into a frothing, hair-on-end mad cat ready to claw and bite anyone unfortunate enough to be within striking distance? And will you worry every minute if Penelope the pampered pooch flies while you drive? Or would you consider it a nuisance having to find motels or hotels that will accept your animal companions?

Your pets will travel more happily if they are in good health. Schedule a vet appointment for at least a couple weeks before moving day to make sure everyone is in top condition. If vaccinations are nearly due, get them even if it’s a little early. Then you won’t have to worry about finding a vet so quickly in your new town. You can also ask your vet for recommendations of new doctors. Remember to ask for a copy of your pet’s medical and inoculation records to take with you to your new vet.

If you have a Nervous Nelly cat or dog, ask your vet about mild tranquilizers for the trip. While not recommended unless absolutely necessary, they can help relieve the stress for both your animal and you. It’s no fun traveling with a jittery hound.

Pet Moving Day