Anticipating Problems

You’ve been following the sound advice in this website, minimizing the stress of your move, right? Still, there’s this lingering feeling that you’ve forgotten something—or someone. And you’re saying, “This is too easy. Something’s gotta go wrong!”

Well, maybe it will and maybe it won’t. In either case, you’re ready to deal with it. Really, you are. Trust me. You’re a Certified Smart Mover!

So what can go wrong on the day you move out? Here’s an abbreviated list for those of you who haven’t already played every scenario over and over in your imagination:

  • Your helpers don’t show up to get you loaded
  • The moving truck doesn’t show up
  • Your rent-a-truck has a dead battery
  • Your babysitter is a no-show
  • It’s 110° F and humid, there’s three feet of snow on the ground, or rain is bucketing out of the sky
  • You or someone breaks a leg/arm/shoulder/hip/foot/hand
  • Grandma stops by for a surprise visit

“Okay, hon, the truck is loaded, the house is cleaned up, and it’s getting late. Where’s Junior?” “I thought he was with you!” The best way to avoid moving catastrophes is to plan smart. You’ve been using your Smart Moving Notebook to make good plans and track your move, so you’re already very organized.

Here are some additional planning ideas that can help you avoid moving day catastrophes:

  • Make a confirmation call to your mover the day before moving day.
  • Inspect the vehicle a few days in advance, making sure that all service has been done.
  • Confirm with your volunteers the day, time, and location that you need them.
  • Make sure everyone is safety conscious.
  • Make sure Grandma boarded that plane for Hawaii.

Even if a crisis occurs that, in all your advance planning, you failed to anticipate, don’t panic. Calm, reason, and this website will get you through.

Moving Day