Cleaning Up

If you dread the cleaning-up part of moving out, consider hiring to have it done. If you’re renting and have paid a nonrefundable cleaning fee, however, don’t bother cleaning. You’ve already paid for it.

If you have a quick move out, clear out each room and put the contents either in the main room or directly on the moving vehicle. Then have someone clean that room. Tackling the job this way means that the place will be clean soon after the last box is loaded. Let’s do a walk-through before cleaning up.

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Take the time and effort to recover any cleaning deposit on a home you are renting. If you figure your hourly rate for cleaning, this step may be well worth the effort.

The first purpose of the walk-through is to make sure nothing has been left behind. This should be done before the moving van or rental truck leaves just in case you do find something.

Beyond that, in a slow tour of the entire house, including the attic, basement, closets, cupboards, garage, any outbuildings, and the yard, make a list of things that need to be done to leave the old homestead clean and ready for the next occupant. If you’ve been diligent about planning and working ahead, much of the cleaning may already be completed. Let’s hope that after Mr. Fix-It packed up his shop, he took a few minutes to sweep the floor and clean the windows. If he didn’t, make sure he’s on the clean-up crew.

From your list of what needs to be cleaned, make a list of cleaning supplies that were kept off the truck. Ideally, you’ll be able to gather this stuff and get a fresh start on the day after the truck leaves.

If you have been renting your old home, you may have a cleaning deposit to recover upon moving out. While some of the cleaning may have been done during the moving process, cleaning is easiest once everything is moved out.

You may want your vacuum, mop, broom, rags, bleach, all-purpose cleaner, and any specialized cleaning products that help with your particular house. One or two good friends may volunteer to help. Let them! The work will go quickly.

Many areas of the house, such as bedrooms and living room, may not need more than vacuuming. Or, they may need walls washed, carpets cleaned and paint touched up. Allow time for these extra tasks. Wash down kitchens and bathrooms with bleach or other disinfectant. Two people, working inside and out, can make short work of a houseful of windows.

Even if you do not have a cleaning deposit on your home, it is courteous to the new owners or renters to leave the house clean. The new occupants would also appreciate a folder containing the owners’ manuals and any other information you have on appliances and other stuff that stay with the house. You can include a list of local repairmen, and information on utilities if you wish. Just think how helpful it will be if someone moving out of your new home leaves the same kind of information!

Now, you’re ready to lock up, head for the motel or a friend’s house, and get a good night’s rest before hitting the road to your new home. Or, if your move is local, you’re ready to head to the new neighborhood and your new house.

With all of the work that you have to do to move from here to there, consider treating yourself to a house cleaner once the house is empty. A professional cleaning company, with all the right tools and products, can efficiently clean your house. Check into it. The price just might pleasantly surprise you. A cleaning crew can come in and vacuum drapes, clean windows, scrub bathrooms, wash down walls, clean appliances, and steam clean carpets throughout the entire house faster than you alone can thoroughly clean one room. You deserve a break!

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