Moving Other Large Stuff

You probably have some other big stuff in your life that you now feel you cannot live without: washing machine, clothes dryer, ergonomic recyclator. Whatever. Here's how to move other big stuff.

The washing machine will be one of the last things out the door as you move—and one of the first in at the other end. Here's how to move it easily.

First, turn off faucets and disconnect and drain hoses. Then place plastic bags and rubber bands securely over the ends of each hose to prevent leakage. Check your washing machine's instruction manual for specifics on how to brace the tub and secure the motor. Some have set screws while others simply require that you stuff something soft into the tub to reduce movement. No, you can't use pets for this step!

Where there's a washer, there's a dryer. Dryers are relatively easy to move—especially if you have lots of relatives to help! First, disconnect the unit from the power source: electricity, gas, or gerbil motor. Then check the dryer's instruction manual and/or your appliance service man to figure out how to secure the motor from excessive movement.

Air conditioners, dehumidifiers, and other air filtration units can easily be prepared for moving. Disconnect the unit from the power source, then remove parts that can fall off or damage other things. Make sure that water or condensation is drained from the unit. Wrap the unit with moving pads.

Most modern homes have one or more pieces of exercise equipment that need to be moved. In most cases, the first step is to dust it off. Then refer to the unit’s instruction manual to disassemble or fold the unit down to a compact size. Use rope or sturdy tape to keep everything together. Finally, wrap the unit in a moving pad to keep it from scratching things around it in the moving vehicle.

So, what’s left? Probably all those toys in the back yard: hot tub, canoe, surfboard, skis, bicycles, unicycles, et al. How to pack them for the move?

Just as you would any items of similar size and weight. That is, the hot tub can be packed as you would a large refrigerator: clear out, disconnect, and wrap for protection. Bicycles, skis, and surfboards are tough to wrap, so can be tied or taped to minimize abrasion, then packed where they won’t be in harm’s way.

The list of stuff you could pack is endless. Fortunately, once you’ve packed a few boxes and major appliances, you’ll be an expert. You can then apply what you’ve learned to packing the odd-ball stuff that we all seem to accumulate.

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