Walking In

At last. You're home. At your new home. Of course, It doesn't have any furniture yet. Maybe even no window coverings. But if you stuck to your organizational plan for moving, the electricity and water are on. It's time to say hello.

Whether you are renting or buying the house or apartment, whether or not you have seen it before, wander through and get acquainted. Get each family member to do the same. This may be the first time you have seen it without furniture. Imagine it with your belongings. See the living room with your oak and glass. Or the master bedroom with your antique brass bed. Take your time. Examine all the nooks and corners, all the cupboards and closets. On this first exploration, look at the positives and the possibilities. Soon enough you will take another look to see what needs to be cleaned, repaired, painted, or remodeled.

Your new residence is a fresh canvas ready for your ideas. Spend time in each room, looking and imagining.

  • How do the windows open? (Open them to air out the house.)

  • Where is the thermostat that controls the furnace?

  • Where does the laundry chute come out?

  • What's behind that door?

  • What might you store in those cupboards?

  • Is there room over the mantel for your favorite painting?

  • Where's the best place for your couch?

  • What's the best way to bring in the china cabinet?

  • Can you safely store your treasures in the attic or the basement?

  • Could you some day add a bedroom or a personal retreat?

  • What's in the garage?

  • Is there a work bench?

  • Is there room for cars as well as bicycles?

  • Where can the lawn mower go?

Once you have become acquainted with the interior of the house and garage, tour the yard.

  • Where will the swing set go?

  • Is there room for lawn games?

  • Is there a sunny garden space?

  • Can you hook up the hose to an exterior faucet?

  • Is the yard fenced for pets and small children?

  • Is the fence in good repair?

  • Are stairs, railings, banisters, and decking in goo9d repair?

  • Will the barbecue fit on the patio?


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