Donating Stuff

Sometimes the most merciful thing you can do with extraneous possessions is to throw them away before they breeds. You can become a source for the Junk Fairy!

But how can you decide when to throw something away as opposed to giving it away or selling it? Here are some guidelines:

  • Is it broken? If so, do you have a clue of how to fix it?

  • Is it outdated—but not enough to be a collectible?

  • Did it ever do what you bought it for?

  • How many do you have?

  • How many do you need?

  • Will someone else get any use out of it? Really?

Most of us have so many things that fall into the category of too-good-to-toss-but-not-good-enough-to-move. You know you should really give it away—but you just can't bring yourself to do so.

So how can you decide what to give away? Ask yourself: would someone else really get use or enjoyment from this? If so, give it to them now. If so, but you're not sure who, donate it to a charity that can benefit from finding it a good home. Or plan on having a moving sale. And who will take all this stuff?

  • Goodwill Industries or St. Vincent de Paul

  • Books to your local library or school

  • Clothing to a local shelter, church or Red Cross center

If you've decided that the junk you're not moving has value to others, you must then decide whether to sell or donate it. Donating it offers a warm fuzzy feeling, but it's not the same as cold hard cash!

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