Selling Stuff

Okay, you've been piling stuff up something like this:

  • To move

  • To give away

  • To throw away

  • To sell

You're now wondering what to do with that massive mass of stuff to sell. It's time for a moving sale!

When you are getting ready to move, a moving sale may be an excellent way to pick up some cash while you get rid of stuff you no longer need—or shouldn't have bought in the first place. Most folks hesitate to dispose of never-used, seldom-used, worn out, or even broken or ill-fitting items. Moving offers the perfect excuse to get rid of it all, reduce the work and cost of shipment, and even earn a little cash in the process. A moving sale is smart moving.

So you probably have a good supply of things to sell, right? It includes everything from clothing to kitchen gadgets to exercise equipment to snow shovels and lawn mowers. As a reality check, remember that anything you do not get rid of has to be packed, loaded, unloaded, unpacked, and placed in your new home.

If you've never held or attended a moving sale, you may be surprised at how many of your unwanted items will find paying homes. And your sale can be even more profitable if it is well organized.

Before planning your moving sale, check with local authorities for regulations on personal sales. In some towns you will need a permit. In other areas, the posting of signs is limited.

When should you have your moving sale? As soon as possible. Idea: Ask your neighbors and friends whether they would like to combine sales. Shoppers like to see lots of goods at one time.

Saturdays are the best days for a moving or yard sale, but be sure to avoid holiday weekends when many people have other plans. If you can, hold your sale for two or three days, beginning on Thursday or Friday. Establish a rain date if necessary. Set your sale hours early, as early as 7 a.m. if you can, because bargain hunters are notorious for starting early. Even with early hours, be prepared for a few early birds. Most moving sales aren't productive after about 3 p.m.

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