Staying Behind

When you simply can't take one or more of your pets with you, start early to find them a new home.

Please don't just give your animals away to someone you don't know. Too many animals end up as research subjects or in animal shelters. The following sections offer some alternative options and opportunities.

Advertise your pet in the local media. Post a notice on your veterinarian's bulletin board. Make it clear that you will only place your animal in a good home.

Spend some time with any prospective new owners. If you don't feel confident they will treat your pet well, wait. Someone else will come along who will love your pet as much as you do.

Give friends and family members the first chance to offer a happy new home to Ben the Boa. Don't force the issue, however, or your beloved pet may end up in a reluctant home. Instead, expend a little more effort and find a new family ready to welcome your pet with open arms.

If you have trouble finding a home, research whether your city has a local adoption agency for pets. Some communities have a society that will even find foster homes for animals while they search out top-notch adoptive homes.

Ask your breeder, veterinarian, animal groomer, obedience teacher, and others to find out if there is such a group in your area.

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