Finding a Pro Mover

Official Warning Signs of Dumb Movers: “Where’s this place you want to move, again?” “Yea, I think we can move ya for, uh, two thousand bucks…or thereabouts.” “Nah, we don’t need to sign no papers. And we only take cash. Up front.” “We’ll load the truck starting at midnight ’cause we have to get the truck back by dawn.” “Experience? Sure, we moved my Aunt Ethel’s stuff when Uncle Charlie went into the pen.” There are some real Dumb Movers out there—folks who have a truck they can borrow and 60 minutes’ experience moving furniture (or maybe they were on 60 Minutes!). But they’re pretty easy to spot. And there are some really great professional movers who have the knowledge, experience, equipment, and attitude to do a good job for you. They’re pretty easy to spot, too—if you know what to look for. And that’s what this section’s all about: finding and hiring a qualified mover who won’t move you to tears.

  1. Pro Moving Options
  2. Selecting a Pro Mover
  3. Getting a Moving Bid
  4. Avoiding Mover Problems
  5. Using Storage