Pro Moving Options

Most folks who decide not to hire a mover do so because of the costs. They believe they can move themselves cheaper than hiring someone else to do it. Maybe. Maybe not.

But, as I mentioned elsewhere in this website, you should at least find out what hiring a professional will cost before making a decision. Call a few moving counselors out to your abode and let them give you an estimate of costs. Accept their packets of information. Learn what you can about the moving process and how they will handle it for you.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a mover—and how to overcome the disadvantages.

Moving Words

moving counselor is the moving company representative who estimates the cost of your shipment and who will answer your questions about the estimate, services, or moving.

Obviously, hiring a professional mover makes the moving task much easier for you. It’s a no-brainer decision if your employer is footing the bill. Even if you’re paying, there are many times when it makes sense to hire to have the job done rather than do it yourself.

A professional mover can offer peace of mind and ensure that your belongings arrive at your new home in good condition. He or she has the knowledge, experience, equipment, and materials to do the job in the least time, with the least mess, and the least damage, loss, or breakage.

A professional mover can minimize the chaos. Your family routine will be interrupted less if you can have a moving company pack and load your belongings efficiently and quickly.

A professional mover can do all the grunt work. If you don’t have the good health and strength to pack, lift, carry, load, and unload a hundred or more boxes—plus all that furniture and appliances—a professional moving service may be your best choice.

A professional mover can better manage longer moves, especially those that require crossing national boundary lines.

A professional mover can pack your stuff like a, well, pro. In fact, the packing crew is typically well trained and experienced. They’ve probably gone to school to learn how to pack efficiently. And, as most packing crews are employed by the local agent; they are local people—not gypsies. They are a part of your community.

Hiring a professional moving company also frees you to focus on aspects of the move that can get neglected if you’re distracted by packing and loading. If you hire a mover, you can better help the kids get through moving day. You’ll have more time to make sure the old house and new house are clean. And you can be better prepared for your first day at the new job.


Here’s another advantage to hiring a moving company: After you decide on a mover, you will have a representative of the company to call on for advice and information. That person can explain what services are provided, what tasks you will be expected to perform yourself, how your house full of belongings will be handled, what you can anticipate on moving day, and when your possessions will be delivered to your new home.


Hiring a professional mover does have a downside: the cost. Having a professional mover do the work can cost you double that of a do-it-yourself move—or half as much, depending on how things go.

Another potential downside: The professional mover might bet really be a professional, in which case you would have been better off moving everything yourself!

How can you reduce the cost of using a professional mover? You can do what you would do in a restaurant if you didn’t like the dinner menu: Select from the à la carte menu.

Moving services can be offered in the same way as dinners: soup-to-nuts or one-from-column-A-and-two-from-column-B.

Moving businesses often offer several levels of service that you can select and use to fit your moving needs and budget. Here they are:

  • Relocation services take care of everything from selecting the best moving company to helping you get an interim place to stay at the other end. In addition, these businesses may be able to provide the names of recommended doctors and other services.
  • Interstate moving companies move you and your entire household from here to there—packing, transporting, and unpacking your goods.
  • Local movers pack, transport, and unpack your goods for shorter moves.
  • Pack-and-stack services prepare everything for you to load in a rental vehicle or for a household shipper.
  • Household shippers are transportation services that move your packed stuff from here to there; you’re responsible for packing and unpacking it.
  • Trucking services are bare-bones transportation services that transport most things if you pack and crate them to survive abusive treatment.

Factoid: Many moving companies offer more than one service to customers, depending on need. So an interstate mover can pack and stack or be your household shipper or help only with relocation services. This is à la carte moving!

Selecting a Pro Mover