Using Storage

Sometimes, going from here to there means your stuff needs to be parked somewhere temporarily. If the timing of your move is not just right, you may need to store your household goods for a few weeks while you find a new home in your new city, or while you wait for the one you have chosen to become available. Or you may want to remodel the house you just purchased, or even to build a new home on your new lot.

While many places are available in which you can store your goods, including self-service storage units in many areas, you might be better off storing your things with your moving company. If you think you will need storage, be sure to determine whether or not it is one of the services potential movers offer.

An advantage of storing with your mover is that the company will then deliver your furniture and other possessions when you are ready for them. And you will probably be able to go to the warehouse and find things if necessary.

When you cannot move straight from the old house to the new house, you have to put all your belongings somewhere. This situation can occur when you have to move quickly and have not located a permanent home in the new town. Or it can happen when you find a new home but cannot take possession (either rental or purchase) for a few days or even weeks after you have to be out of the old house. It can also happen when you purchase a house that needs remodeling. Sometimes the work cannot be completed or completed enough for you to move in before you have to vacate your old home. If you are building a home, you can also experience unexpected delays.

So, what do you do with all your things while you are staying in a motel, hotel, campground, or with friends?

If you need to store your possessions for only a short time, you may be able to use the truck for storage for a few days if it is not needed elsewhere. Of course, the company will charge you a storage fee for those days. You might find, however, that keeping a rental truck a couple days extra is cheaper than unloading your things and renting another truck. If you must leave your belonging stored in the truck, back it up to a wall if possible so that the back cannot be broken into. Of course, make sure you park it in a safe area. For short-term storage (fewer than 30 days) check with your mover; many offer short-term storage. Then compare their rates with local self-storage units.

Here’s an idea: If you are remodeling but the work does not affect the garage or basement, you might be able to store all, or at least most of your belongings in one of these areas. If you are waiting for someone to move out of the house, you might work a deal with them to store your things in the garage or basement if they have already cleared out those areas.

 Avoiding Mover Problems