Managing the Move

Whether you hire a pack-and-stack service to pack everything or do it yourself, you can still get ready for the movers’ arrival on moving day.

If you opt to pack all your boxes and cartons yourself, the moving crew will expect to find everything sealed and ready for loading upon their arrival on moving day. If possible, plan to spend your last night at a motel or hotel or with friends or family. That way you can finish everything up the day before the movers arrive. If all boxes and cartons are sealed and clearly marked, the movers can quickly and efficiently load the truck and be on their way to your new home.

Depending on how your moving contract reads, you may save money if you dismantle beds, prepare appliances, and gather outdoor items in an easily accessible location.

Be sure to clearly mark any items that do not get loaded on the truck. For example, you may have a car survival box, suitcases for travel, or coats that go with you rather than the movers. Gather all such items into one location and mark them boldly so that they aren’t packed on the truck. If Uncle Mort plans to pick up the chain saw and lawn mower, mark them clearly so that he doesn’t have to drive to your new house three states away to get them—unless you want him to have a reason for visiting soon.

 They Pack and You Drive

Managing the Costs