They Pack and You Drive

This is an age of specialists. You can, for example, find podiatrists who work only on left feet. Likewise, a variety of specialists are available in the moving industry. One is called the pack-and-stack service.

The name pretty clearly explains the service provided. If you plan to load and transport your goods yourself, but you hate packing, fear packing, or your time is limited, check around. A local pack-and-stack service will be happy to help out.

A pack-and-stack service can come into your home and safely pack all your belongings into the proper boxes and cartons, thus greatly increasing the odds that your things will arrive at your new home unscratched and unbroken.

So where will you find these folks who want to help you get out of town? In the telephonebook. You’ll find them under headings such as “Movers,” “Moving Services—Labor & Materials,” and “Packing Services.” Makes sense.

You can also find packing services by asking around. Ask friends and acquaintances who’ve recently moved. Ask your employer—or your former employer, if you’re still on speaking terms.

When you call a company, ask about its experience and the materials it will use, as well as how much it will charge. Typically, a pack-and-stack service will charge by the box or carton packed.

As with any other moving services, get an estimate of costs. Most packing services will quote you prices by the size of the box or other container. They may also have a per-hour rate for disassembly of beds, preparation of appliances, or other related services.

Just as with a full-service moving company, get a written estimate from several pack-and-stack services. And make sure you base your final decision on value as much as price. Paying a little more for a more professional packing service may be less costly than replacing damaged goods. Of course, make sure they are bonded and insured.

And don’t forget to let other moving services whom you’ve hired know how to contact each other.

 You Pack and They Drive

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