Moving Yourself

For one reason or another, you’re considering moving yourself. Maybe your new boss is too cheap to move you. Maybe you’re moving because you told your old boss he’s cheap! But, you’ve decided to ask me to give you the lowdown on moving yourself. Smart move! You don’t have to have hairy arms to be a mover. In fact, you can manage your move from an easy chair by learning how to move smart. Or you can pitch in to do some of the work and hire big hairy arms to do the rest. You have choices!

  • Planning the Packing
    It’s time to get moving! No, no. Put the boxes down. We’re going to move on paper. Less chance of a hernia! Actually, moving on paper—planning your packing and loading in advance—can save you time, money, physical ills, and mental stress. Do-it-yourself doesn’t really mean do it all yourself. It means deciding which parts of the moving process you will do and which you will manage others to do. You may even decide (Smart Mover that you are!) to make your move without moving a thing yourself. This section offers proven ideas on how to plan packing and loading for an easy and safe move. Coming sections will get more specific on the doing. So sit back, relax, and get moving.
  • Moving Big Things
    “How am I ever going to get the grand piano down seven flights of stairs?” “I would rather use a moving company, but we just can’t afford it.” “I’m afraid to do much lifting or my back will go out again.” “Is Tiger Balm a tax-deductible moving expense?” Many otherwise confident people go weak in the knees when thinking about moving large things like furniture and appliances. Certainly, a 97-year-old grandmother can’t handle these items, but you may be quite surprised at how many of your larger possessions you can move—once you know how. Tools and techniques. That’s what this section is all about: how to use common moving tools and professional moving techniques to move larger and heavier things items.
  • Choosing a Moving Vehicle
    Nothing is more frustrating than getting to the end of your moving vehicle before you get to the end of your stuff.”So, what do we leave behind: the dining room set or the bedroom set?” And maybe you’re afraid of having to drive a moving vehicle that’s larger than the home you left!”Looks like we’re eating at truck stops all the way!” Or maybe you’re concerned about loading a pickup truck with stuff hanging off the sides!”We look like the Joads in The Grapes of Wrath!” What kind of a vehicle will you need for your do-it-yourself move? Good question. And this section offers good answers. Should you rent a truck? Rent a trailer? Borrow a pickup? Use a car? This question has no universal answer. Your family’s moving needs are different from that of your neighbors. You may need a 26-foot van to hold your furniture, appliances, tools, and toys, while your neighbor may be able to move in a small, enclosed trailer—or in the backseat of a borrowed car. Let’s consider your options.
  • How to Pack
    “Hey, don’t pack the cream cheese with the stereo!” Most do-it-yourself movers are intimidated by the thought of packing fragile or valuable stuff—with good reason. Valued treasures of a lifetime can become so much junk because of poor packing. “Okay, who put the lawnmower in with the bedspread?!” “Hon, exactly how many pieces should we have in our 12-place dinnerware set?” “That painting of Grandpa has a hole in the head!” Smart packing is really easy. This section will show you how.
  • Smart Moving Tips
    “Remember to lift with your legs.” “Pack the mirror like this so you won’t get seven years of bad luck.” “No, don’t stack the refrigerator on top of the stereo!” Don’t you wish you had a professional mover advising you as you planned and packed? You have the next best thing: this website. This section, especially, offers dozens of tips and techniques from professional movers on how to get from here to there without stops at the nut house—or the poor house. No, you won’t learn to love moving. But it can become relatively tolerable!
  • Loading the Moving Vehicle
    It’s show time! You’ve planned this move to within an inch of its life. You’ve stuffed everything you own into a variety of containers. Now it’s time to shove all those containers into a rented or borrowed truck or moving trailer. Then you’re going to have to move the moving vehicle(s) from here to there—without police escort! Lucky you! Actually, loading and driving a moving vehicle is a relatively easy process. You can learn the basic rules to vehicle loading, and controlling the vehicle down the road isn’t as tough as it may seem. I’ll give you some techniques based on my dozen-plus years of driving commercial vehicles. Buckle up!