Borrowing a Truck

If you’re moving a short distance—across town or to a neighboring town—you may be able to accomplish it all in a few pickup truck or trailer loads, depending on how many possessions you have accumulated. If you don’t own your own truck or trailer, a good friend may loan you one for a day or two.

Be sure to return the vehicle cleaned out, washed, and with a full tank of fuel.

When you borrow any vehicle, check on insurance coverage for it, yourself, and the goods you are moving. If your auto or household insurance does not cover the move automatically, you may be able to purchase short-term special coverage. Get all these insurance questions answered before the day of the move.

Don’t borrow a vehicle that isn’t in good running condition. Think how frustrating it would be to be stuck at the side of the road for several hours while your unloading crew waits at the new house. And then having to pay to repair something you don’t even own!

 Choosing a Trailer

Trailer Hitches