Choosing a Trailer

If you don’t have a truck or trailer of your own, renting a trailer is the most economical way to move your household goods. Remember that you will need a vehicle capable of towing whatever trailer you use. Sometimes, renting a trailer is the best option available. It’s a less expensive option than renting a truck because your vehicle is supplying the power.

How big a trailer will you need? If you’re moving away from your parents’ home for the first time, if you are moving into a furnished retirement home, or if you’ve sold most everything at your moving sale, you may be able to move all your possessions in trailer as small as 4X6 feet. Of course, a closed trailer protects your belongings far better than an open trailer. Open trailers should have a tarp securely covering your precious cargo.

If you are moving out of a two-room residence, you should be able to get everything into a 5X8 foot trailer, including about 20 boxes. Possessions from a three-room home, including approximately 35 boxes, should fit into a 6′ X 12′ foot trailer.

Before renting a trailer, consider the type and condition of your tow vehicle. Check the radiator. Even if it has not given you any previous trouble, your car may overheat when pulling a loaded trailer over a mountain pass. Check your brakes. They will be expected to stop a heavier-than-normal load. Be sure the car is tuned up and in top condition. Everything you save by moving yourself with a borrowed or rented trailer can quickly be eaten up with the expense of a car breakdown.

Remember, too, that some cars should not pull a trailer. Check the car’s owner’s manual for towing information.

 Choosing a Truck

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