Choosing Equipment

So what other equipment are you going to need for your move? If you’re pulling a trailer, you can rent or buy hitch balls, wiring, automatic transmission coolers, safety chains, extended side mirrors, trailer brake controllers, sway controls, and other products.

Appliance dollies are heavy-duty two-wheeled dollies with straps and cinches to hold major appliances in place for a move. You don’t have to buy an appliance dolly for your move; you can typically rent them where you rent your moving truck or trailer.

When you rent a dolly, make sure you get clear and complete instructions on how to use it. Some dollies have cinching mechanisms that seem to defy logic. Once understood, they can be safely used to carry appliances, furniture, and heavy boxes into or out of a house, upstairs into an apartment, or nearly anywhere.

Solid furniture such as tables, dressers, and entertainment centers need a cushioning wrap around them to minimize abrasion. You typically can rent furniture wraps in dozens from the rental center where you get your truck or trailer.

Straps and ropes are useful because they help keep things from shifting. If you’re loading a larger moving truck, you may want to tie a strap across the van every six feet to keep furniture and boxes from shifting. Ropes are useful for tying off loads on open trailers. In most cases, straps can be rented, but rope will need to be purchased at a local hardware store.

Be sure to check into insurance coverage whenever you rent or borrow a vehicle. Check your homeowners and auto insurance to determine comprehensive and collision coverage of the vehicle and coverage of the contents you are moving. If you rent a truck or trailer, be sure you understand the extent of the coverage the rental company offers and compare it with extra coverage you may be able to purchase from your regular insurance company. Neglecting to obtain adequate insurance coverage can be a costly oversight.

Moving Tips

Be sure any truck or trailer you rent or borrow is insured. Know what is covered by the truck rental agency. Talk to your insurance agent about coverage of the truck’s contents.

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