Loading the Moving Vehicle

It’s show time! You’ve planned this move to within an inch of its life. You’ve stuffed everything you own into a variety of containers. Now it’s time to shove all those containers into a rented or borrowed truck or moving trailer. Then you’re going to have to move the moving vehicle(s) from here to there—without police escort! Lucky you! Actually, loading and driving a moving vehicle is a relatively easy process. You can learn the basic rules to vehicle loading, and controlling the vehicle down the road isn’t as tough as it may seem. I’ll give you some techniques based on my dozen-plus years of driving commercial vehicles. Buckle up!

  1. Selecting the Vehicle
  2. Planning the Load
  3. Loading a Rental Truck
  4. Driving a Rental Truck
  5. Loading a Trailer
  6. Towing a Car Trailer
  7. Towing a Truck Trailer