Loading a Rental Truck

Now that you know the basics of loading a moving truck, here are some tips and techniques used by professional movers to make the job easier and safer:

  • If you have a sufficient loading crew, have one person stay in the truck’s loading area and two people carry things to him or her for tight packing.
  • Back the truck as close as possible to the door of your home, and then extend the loading ramp to the top step of your house.
  • Pack fragile items, such as electronics, in the space over the cab, called the attic.

Moving Words

The attic is the overhead space over the cab in most moving trucks.

  • Load large, heavy items first. Working from the wall behind the cab (the front of the storage area), put the refrigerator across from the washer and dryer, for good weight distribution.
  • Load other heavy items toward the front of the truck.
  • Place mattresses, box springs, table tops, and other long, flat items along the sides of the truck.
  • Pack any large mirror or framed and glazed pictures between a mattress and box spring.
  • Tie down whatever goes along the walls.
  • Put heavy boxes on the bottom. You can stack boxes of about the same size, strength, and weight.
  • Put lighter boxes on top of heavy ones, but don’t put heavy boxes on top of light ones.
  • Load dressers and desks so that their drawers face the wall, keeping them from opening.
  • Place lightweight or oddly shaped items on top of the load.
  • Load a box of items you will need at the new house at the back of the truck—where it will come off the truck first.
  • Lock the truck after it is all loaded.

 Planning the Load

Driving a Rental Truck