Loading a Trailer

Loading a trailer is not really much different from loading a truck. Professionals suggest that you place at least 60 percent of the weight of the load in the front half of the trailer. The weight should be evenly distributed from side to side to prevent swaying.

Of course, if you have a refrigerator or other appliance or furniture taller than 4 feet, make sure you rent a trailer with a door that’s taller than 4 feet. Don’t lay a refrigerator on its side to move it.

One more suggestion: Make sure the air pressure in the trailer’s tires is correct for its gross weight. Low air pressure can make the trailer sway, which will, in turn, make your towing vehicle sway. Not fun!

Otherwise, follow the guidelines given earlier in the section on Loading a Rental Truck.

Moving Tips

Don’t have a vehicle to tow your trailer? Then rent one! Most larger moving rental lots have pickup trucks and utility vans for rent, and all set up to tow one of their trailers. It’s cheaper than buying a big car because your teeny car won’t pull a trailer!

 Driving a Rental Truck

Towing a Car Trailer