Towing a Truck Trailer

If you need to tow your car or another object, such as a boat, or if your possessions require a truck load plus a trailer, your driving task will be more difficult—especially if you are not an experienced truck driver. When deciding how to get everything from here to there, calculate the total length of the combination you may be piloting down the freeway. The number may be intimidating! If you do need to take such a combination, allow extra time for your trip and consider the following tips:

  • Use seat belts, and insist that anyone in the vehicle also use them.
  • Set your mirrors and use them often.
  • Remember, the more weight, the longer it will take to stop your rolling vehicle.
  • Plan ahead. It may not be easy to find a place to park your car and trailer.
  • If you can’t see the sides of the vehicle being towed, you can attach a horizontal flag that will extend to where you can see it in your side mirror.
  • Follow the backing techniques covered in the previous section, “Is It Still Back There?: Professional Tips on Pulling a Trailer.”
  • If you get into a tight spot and cannot seem to maneuver out of it, relax, admit the problem, and try to find an experienced truck driver to lend a hand.

 Towing a Car Trailer