Moving Big Things

“How am I ever going to get the grand piano down seven flights of stairs?” “I would rather use a moving company, but we just can’t afford it.” “I’m afraid to do much lifting or my back will go out again.” “Is Tiger Balm a tax-deductible moving expense?” Many otherwise confident people go weak in the knees when thinking about moving large things like furniture and appliances. Certainly, a 97-year-old grandmother can’t handle these items, but you may be quite surprised at how many of your larger possessions you can move—once you know how. Tools and techniques. That’s what this section is all about: how to use common moving tools and professional moving techniques to move larger and heavier things items.

  1. Moving Tools
  2. Moving Bedroom Furniture
  3. Moving Living Room Furniture
  4. Moving Dining Room Furniture
  5. Moving the Kitchen
  6. Moving Other Large Stuff