Moving Bedroom Furniture

Moving bedroom furniture really isn’t as difficult as you might imagine. In fact, most bedroom furniture is made up of components—frames, drawers, box springs—that can be taken apart and moved separately, making the job easier. The next sections tell you how to disassemble and relocate your bedroom.

Here’s how to move a bed. First, remove all bedding and pads before trying to move the components. To remove the mattress, push it to the side of the bed nearest the bedroom door. Then stand the mattress on edge.

The easiest way to move a mattress is with two people: one at each end of the mattress. Stretch a rope from the right hand of the person at one end, underneath the middle of the mattress, to the right hand of the person at the other end. (Reverse hands of you have two left-handed folks. Flip a coin if one’s a righty and the other a lefty.) The rope hands lift and the alternate hands steady the mattress.

Alternatively, you can move a mattress by having the person at each end use both hands to press the mattress from each side; then lift the mattress off the floor and walk. The same techniques can be used to move a box spring.

Remove the bed frame from the headboard and/or footboard. Some frames are connected with bolts while with others the frame’s rails simply slip into slots in the board posts. Disassemble the bed frame, placing the screws and bolts in a zip bag (freezer bags are best—they can be relabeled) and taping the bag to the frame. Bed frames typically have a twist connector that locks the cross-brace in place. Turn it to remove.

Dressers and chests may look difficult to move, but they really aren’t—if you look at them as components. If the furniture includes a mirror, remove the mirror bracing from the back or top of the chest. The bracing is usually fastened with screws. Then remove all drawers. Finally, use an appliance dolly, piano dolly, or two-person carry to move the chest. Once in the truck or trailer, reinstall the drawers. Pack the mirror in a mirror carton or wrap it in blankets and place it on edge between two mattresses in your truck or trailer.

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