Moving Dining Room Furniture

Dining room furniture is relatively easy to pack. Depending on the available space in your moving vehicle, you may want to remove the legs or base from a dining table. If it has a glass top, carefully remove it and pack it in a mirror box or wrap it in moving blankets and place between mattresses.

Dining chairs can be disassembled or stacked. Low-back kitchen chairs can be stacked with the second chair upside down. High-back dining chairs can be stacked with a box on the seat of the first chair. Then the second chair is placed upside down on the box so that the chair back doesn’t touch the floor. Place moving blankets between and around chairs to minimize abrasion.

You can move dining room cabinets by removing all loose shelves, securing doors, and, if possible, removing legs.

Remember to use moving pads to wrap dining room furniture for extra protection. Make sure that pads cover edges, corners, and other places that can rub or be rubbed.

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