Planning the Packing

It’s time to get moving! No, no. Put the boxes down. We’re going to move on paper. Less chance of a hernia! Actually, moving on paper—planning your packing and loading in advance—can save you time, money, physical ills, and mental stress. Do-it-yourself doesn’t really mean do it all yourself. It means deciding which parts of the moving process you will do and which you will manage others to do. You may even decide (Smart Mover that you are!) to make your move without moving a thing yourself. This section offers proven ideas on how to plan packing and loading for an easy and safe move. Coming sections will get more specific on the doing. So sit back, relax, and get moving.

  1. DIY Packing
  2. Estimating Needs
  3. Planning Help
  4. Planning Efficiency
  5. Planning the Load