Planning Efficiency

Smart moving means planning your packing for efficiency. And that means having lots of space, lots of materials, and lots of good help. Let’s make some plans.

Few things are more frustrating than trying to pack stuff up for a move when there’s little room to do so. You wind up moving things out of the way two or three times. What you need is somewhere else, and things don’t get packed efficiently.

So what can you do to make sure you have lots of packing space? Plan ahead. Here are some proven planning tips:

  • Clear out a location near the door where packed boxes can be placed without getting in the way.
  • Make space in the center of each room where you can pack a box efficiently.
  • Use a strong end table or other short and sturdy surface on which you can pack a box without having to stoop over.
  • Designate a central location for packing materials.
  • Keep open paths through the area so that you and others can easily get in and out.
  • If lifting is a problem, get a dolly or handtruck for moving boxes as well as appliances.

Running out of materials can waste lots of time in your moving process. So begin planning right now to have adequate boxes, tape, paper, cushioning materials, and other packing supplies on hand.

Here are some tips for planning moving materials:

  • Store flat packing boxes on a side edge leaning against a centrally located wall.
  • Group boxes by size so that they can be efficiently selected and monitored for availability.
  • Have extra packing materials (blankets, towels, old clothing, carpet samples) nearby for easy access.

Smart moving means using cranial mass to elicit or coerce others into helping you. Guilt works well, too. Here are some suggestions for planning good help with your move:

  • Schedule your packing and moving help. (“Can you help between 2 and 4 p.m.?”)
  • Use your help by estimated abilities. (Bob can help with the big boxes and his young son can help tape the finished boxes.)
  • Offer food and refreshments to sustain worker’s morale and energy levels.

 Planning Help

Planning the Load