Planning Help

Ah, friendship is a wonderful thing to share…especially on moving day! Thousands of do-it-yourself moves each year depend on the benevolence or conscience of friends and relatives. So can yours!

To have a friend, be a friend. This is good advice, especially when considering making a move. So, as your friends, relatives, and neighbors plan their moves, help them. Then, unless they’ve moved to The Hague, Holland, you can call on them for reciprocity. And as they thank you for your help, say “Glad to do it…and I’m sure you’ll be there for me when I move next Thursday!” “Uh, yeah, right.”

Okay, so you’re not a socialite and you don’t have a long list of chums to call on when planning your move. There other likely candidates:

  • Fellow church, synagogue, mosque, or ashram members
  • Fellow club or association members
  • Your teenager’s friends
  • The high school football or wrestling team
  • Neighbors who have asked when you’re moving
  • Co-workers who owe you a favor
  • Acquaintances who will do anything for a case of beer
  • Folks who flash their “will work for food” sign as you drive by
  • Local groups who want to raise money with donated labor
  • People you know who are unemployed

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