Moving Survival Boxes

“Say, where’d we put the sedatives for the kids?” “I gotta have coffee when we get to the new place!” One of the best tips for amateur movers is to make sure you have packed a Smart Moving Survival Box. It’s the box of things you take with you as you travel from here to there no matter what the distance or mode. It helps you be more relaxed and more comfortable with your move. It makes sure you’re ready for your new adventure.

Moving Tips

Save on your food bill during a trip by carrying an ice chest and stopping at grocery stores rather than eating in restaurants three times a day. Buy fruit, granola bars, juice, even sandwich makings. You will eat more healthfully, feel better, and save money.

A Smart Moving Survival Box may actually be more than one box. It could be one for the trip and one for your new house. It will include whatever you need to survive this ghastly ordeal!

Your Departure Survival Box should include things to help you enjoy the relocation. For longer moves, that means games and books to keep the kids from bickering (good luck!), snacks for the road, important telephone numbers, postcards and stamps, a cheap novel or two, a cellular telephone and coverage map…anything that will make the trip more comfortable.

Your Arrival Survival Box can include the things you and your family members consider necessary when you get where you’re going, for example:

  • Toilet paper
  • Hand soap
  • Coffee maker and coffee
  • Flashlight
  • Matches
  • Paper towels
  • Linens
  • Household tool kit
  • Phone numbers

Suggest to everyone in your moving party that each pack a small survival box that includes a few things such as toothbrush, toothpaste, cosmetics, or other personal items.

One more good idea: Pack some familiar items such as framed photos, decorations, and other things that will help everyone feel more at home when they arrive.

Moving Tips

Send a postcard! Take paper, envelopes, stamps, and addresses of friends left behind and send them cards as you travel from here to there. It’s cheaper than calling them!

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