Moving Vehicles

In a time not long ago, a family move meant packing everyone and everything into the car and driving to wherever. Today, we have two or more vehicles involved: dad’s commuter car, mom’s taxi, junior’s clunker, sis’ status symbol, the travel trailer or motor home, the RV, the boat, and maybe that 1936 Packard dad has in the garage.

So how are you going to get all these wheels from here to there? If your boss is paying for the entire move: no problem! But if you’re doing some or all of it yourself: problem! Fortunately, some solutions are available.

You might be lucky enough to find that the number of vehicles exactly matches the number of qualified drivers. If not, auto transport services will relocate your vehicle for a fee. Find them advertised in the phonebook or classified ads, but make sure they are fully licensed and bonded. You would be pretty sad to arrive in Cleveland and find out your car was dismantled in Peoria.

If some of your vehicle(s) aren’t drivable (dad’s dismantled DeSoto?), consider either selling it or having an auto transport service take it to point B sans driver. Check the phonebook for Automotive Transport services.

Another option is to tow one or more vehicles to your new home. If you are moving with a rental truck, you can rent a tow bar or a car dolly to attach to the truck.

Renting or buying a tow bar is (obviously) for vehicles that are towable. Even if the car is in running condition, some cars should not be towed because the automatic transmission or four-wheel drive unit will be damaged. Which cars? Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual for information on how — or whether—to tow it.

Fortunately, most cars that can’t be towed using a tow bar can be moved using a car dolly or flatbed trailer. A car dolly lets you set the car’s front wheels on the dolly’s axle. A flatbed trailer lets you set the entire car on the trailer. Either way, don’t forget to use tiedowns to lash the car to the dolly or trailer. “Say, hon, isn’t that our car that just passed us?!”

Moving a travel trailer can be easy as long as your towing vehicle isn’t previously occupied towing a moving trailer or otherwise indisposed. If your moving vehicle isn’t available, you might be able to get a friend to tow your travel trailer for a short move, or you can hire a transport service to relocate it for you. Or you can sell it here and buy another one there.

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