Pro Moving Tips

Knowing how to do things the first time as if it weren’t your first time is the key to most tasks. Moving, too. And professional movers have plenty of experience to share with others. They’ve learned what to do and what not to do when moving.

Here are eleven tips for Smart Moving as offered by professional movers.

  1. Train your helpers on safe lifting and moving before they load your truck or trailer.
  2. Pack heavy items in small, sturdy cartons and lightweight items in large cartons.
  3. Pack each box tightly so that contents will not shift; then seal each carton securely with packing tape.
  4. Invest a few bucks in good packing materials to protect your belongings.
  5. Label every box on two sides, in the same position on each box, with destination room and contents.
  6. Use towels, linens and out-of-season clothing as packing material to cushion breakables.
  7. Protect mirrors, framed pictures and other breakables by wrapping them in moving pads or packing them in mirror cartons.
  8. Don’t pack flammables or plants. (We’ll cover what to do with combustible stuff later in this section.)
  9. Plan early how you’re going to get not only your stuff but all your vehicles from here to there. (Upcoming topic alert.)
  10. Pack one box of essentials that will be the first thing unloaded at your new home. (We’ll cover this topic, too, later in this section.)
  11. Pack your truck or trailer for even weight distribution with the heaviest items over the axle, not at the end. (And we’ll cover this one in the next section, folks.)

What NOT to Pack