Estimate Moving Costs

Moving isn’t cheap! Even if you’re moving your household around the corner, you’ll need to spend some money. In addition, you’ll probably lose some time and money as you pack, transport, and unpack your belongings—however humble they may be. The more stuff you have and the farther it’s going, the higher the cost. Even if your current or new employer is picking up the moving bill, you may have to pay other costs associated with the move. Cleaning fees, temporary housing, lost time, maybe some food and lodging. And even if your benevolent boss pays these, too, you will still need to buy your own sedatives! This section will help you keep medication to a minimum by helping you consider and prepare for all moving costs. It will also offer dozens of tips for reducing costs. Best of all, it will help you find ways to make moving an adventure—or at least a cheap thrill. How? Knowledge. Included are tips from my own professional and personal moving experiences, as well as those of other survivors. Together, we offer practical advice for estimating and reducing your moving costs. And we plan to have some fun along the way. So get out your Smart Moving Notebookagain, grab a pen or a crayon, and start making notes.

  1. Estimating Size
  2. Estimating Distance
  3. Moving Company Estimates
  4. Self-Move Estimates
  5. Costs of Getting There