Moving Basics

“Due to an unfortunate decision at the racetrack yesterday, our rent money has been indiscriminately distributed to others. Time to move!” “The boss says it’s Birmingham or nothing. Time to move.” “Hooray! The last kid is off to college. Time to move.” “You’re now standing in what will next month be a Wal-Mart. Time to move.” “I want a divorce. Time to move.” Like it or not, you’re considering moving your household to another street, city, state, region, or country. And moving means stress. Lots of it. In this section, you’ll consider your reasons for moving, and you’ll learn how to find your new home and leave your old one, how to plan a smart move, how to make a smart move, and how to survive the move. All of these elements will be developed in greater detail throughout this website, with specific tips and proven techniques. For now, you’ll be doing some brain work to make you more comfortable with the road you’re taking. By the end of this section, we’ll have reduced your moving stress level by about 30 decibels.

  1. Reasons to Move
  2. Finding a New Place
  3.  Shedding the Old Place
  4.  Initial Planning
  5.  After the Move