After the Move

Making the physical move will be a piece of cake if you plan to be a smart mover. The majority of this website will cover the details of making the move itself: everything from packing to unloading to settling into your new home.

Once you have begun to settle the household following your move, you can quickly make the transition to your new neighborhood or city if you:

  • Get to know the area.
  • Get settled in new schools.
  • Find new banks, doctors, organizations and churches.
  • Get your driver’s license and license plates (if you’ve moved to a different state).
  • Register to vote.
  • Go to PTA meetings, local sporting events, and other community activities.
  • Take the kids to visit the museum or the zoo.
  • Help everyone search out new interests that will keep their names off the police scanner.

The more quickly you become involved in your new community, the sooner you will call it home. Making the Move will guide you in planning your life during and after your move.

 Initial Planning