Reasons to Move

Okay, so why the heck are you moving? Defining your own reasons for moving (there are always more than one) will help you ensure that, from the process, you get what you want—or at least a reasonable facsimile.

Many folks who move really don’t have a choice in the matter. If you’re lucky, you do. But even if you’re being coerced into moving by economics or emotions, you can keep some control over the process and maybe even make some good things happen from it.

There are as many reasons to move your household as there are places to move it. Let’s see which ones fit your situation. In the following sections, you’ll probably find two or more reasons to move.

Right on top of the all-time list of reasons to move is a new job. You may be moving across town to reduce the commute or moving to a more expensive (or less expensive) home due to a change in salary. In some instances, a new employer’s relocation service will pick you up here and move you over there with little fuss or fret. But it won’t move all of your relatives and friends (a mixed blessing), so you will have to make some adjustments on your own. You’ll probably need to find some new services such as doctors and dentists. You may also need to change NFL affiliations to keep peace with new co-workers. Or not.

And how will you manage all these changes: job, location, neighbors, bankers, services, and teams? Smart moving. In fact, you may find your life is much better because of your move. You’ll learn how to turn stress into an opportunity for a better life.

Moving Tips

Negotiate with your current or new employer for moving costs. If the company won’t pay for a moving company to move you, maybe it will pay for you to move yourself with a rental truck. Or maybe it will pay something to help you relocate. It’s worth a try to ask a couple questions.

“You’re the new manager of our Phoenix office—beginning this Friday!”

Sometimes a move is required by your current employer. Many IBM executives of a couple of decade ago felt their company’s acronym stood for “I’ve Been Moved!” Maybe your business is similar. Or maybe the chance to move up and away is only offered every decade or so. Perhaps you will have to consider an international move. How’s your Tagalog? You’ve just rung the bell at the top of the stress meter.

Families grow. Planned parenthood is an ideal. Aging parents need live-in assistance. Hobbies soon take over spare bedrooms and cry for more space. Garages become crowded with everything except cars. Garage sales become a necessity. Party invitations are limited by available space.

People move to increase space for living. This might not always be the primary reason for a move, but it certainly factors into the decision. A relocation move, for example, can become an opportunity to add more room to the living quarters.

Downsizing happens in families as well as in businesses. Toddlers soon become teenagers who jump (or are pushed) from the nest. Marriages change membership. Bulky toys that were once important are no longer so. Retirement requires a smaller mortgage and a home to match. The five-acre lawn that you pined for has become a full-time job.

It’s time to move to smaller quarters.

Sometimes the desire for a change in lifestyle requires a move. The retiring Minnesota couple that wants warmer weather. The corporate executive who is tired of the rat race and would prefer life as a country mouse. The Midwest writer who wants to move to New York City as a freelancer. Or vice versa.

It’s time to move to a better life.

Finding a New Place