Shedding the Old Place

Once you know where you’re going, it’s time to think about getting there from where you are. That is, you may have a home to sell or rent, a lease to renegotiate or assign, or a mansion to donate to charity. We’ll get much more specific in the coming sections, but for now, simply begin getting comfortable with the topic.

In your Smart Moving Notebook, make some initial notes on what you’ll need to do with the old homestead.

  • Is a relocation company buying it from you?
  • Do you need to sell your home before you can go anywhere?
  • Are homes selling briskly in your area?
  • Is your apartment on a lease or month-to-month?
  • Will you be losing any deposits or fees with your move?
  • Should you contact a freelance arsonist before or after you call your insurance agent?

If you’re selling a home, condo, or other financial albatross, you will need to decide whether to sell it yourself or hire it done. An agent can save you—or give you—headaches. Offering it For-Sale-By-Owner (FSBO, pronounced fizz-bo) can save some cash—if you can get a discount on ibuprofen. Here are some questions to consider:

  • Have you previously sold a home? If so, how do you feel about doing it again?
  • Do you have a real estate agent who you are confident will help you get your home sold?
  • Are you or is someone in your family/living group available to show and sell your current home?
  • Do you really enjoy weird strangers pointing out the flaws in your home?
  • Are properties in your area selling quickly or slowly?

Maybe you need the money from your current home to move to the next one. Or you have an apartment lease that must be resolved before you can move on. Lots of issues—and they all involve hard-earned dollars.

By listing the money issues specific to your move, you can begin to resolve them. After all, they are certainly not unique. The same issues you face have been successfully solved by hundreds or thousands of smart movers. Think about some of them:

  • Must you sell, rent, or lease your current property before you can move? If so, how much cash do you need and when?
  • If you rent out your property, do you require prompt monthly payment from the tenant so that you can make your payment on your new home, or do you have a financial buffer?
  • Do regulations keep you from leasing your property? Will you need to hire an attorney or a hit-man?
  • Are you crazy?

Shedding the Old Place 

Initial Planning