Challenges and Opportunities

To decide how much of the job to do yourself, you need to make choices based on what you learned in this section.

  • Where are you going?
  • How much will it probably cost?
  • Who’s going to pay for it?
  • What’s the limit of your moving budget?
  • What’s your moving schedule?
  • What special moving problems will you have to solve (disabilities, health, children, business)
  • How much of the physical work of moving can you and your crew do?

Each of these so-called problems is really a challenge that can be overcome. The solutions are opportunities. For example, the challenge of moving on a limited budget offers the opportunity of traveling by car rather than airplane. Moving an elderly member of your family becomes an opportunity to participate in their life and make some good memories for everyone. Moving with physical limitations becomes an opportunity to let others help you.

Distance Decisions