Distance Decisions

Sometimes the most difficult obstacle to overcome in a moving decision involves perceptions. That is, making a 1,000-mile move can sometimes seem to require travel through outer space.

For our foreparents, of course, a 1,000-mile move was a once-in-a-lifetime relocation for only the bravest of the brave. But today, the trip is just a couple hours by plane or a couple days by car or van. It’s not really the end of the world. In fact, you’ll find that CNN’s Headline News and I Love Lucy reruns got there before you. Life in today’s electronic age isn’t really that much different in Texarkana than it is in Twisp.

So relax. You’ll most likely be able to get Chinese takeout, a Big Gulp, and ESPN where you’re moving—even if it’s to another country. And that makes the decision to move a little easier. Some of the familiar things in your life are already where you’re going!

 Challenges and Opportunities

Deciding What to Move