Moving Destinations

Where ya goin’? Good question! As soon as you announce that you’re moving, friends, family, and bill collectors will begin asking the same question. For you, your destination may be little more than a circled spot on the map. Or it may be “home.” It will soon be both. Whether your move is crosstown or transcontinental, you want to know what you’re getting into. You want to know more about the “location” in “relocation.” In this section, you’ll learn more about moves within the same town, into a nearby town, or into a new state, region, or country. You’ll learn where to find information. You’ll know before you get there whether it is somewhere you want to be. So get out your Smart Moving Notebook again and start making notes about your move.

  1. Same Area Moves
  2. New Area Moves
  3. New State Moves
  4. New Country Moves