Goodbye to Friends

No doubt about it: Moving is a time of saying goodbye. Psychologists tell us that neglecting to say goodbye to the old home, friends and town can leave an emotional gap. Saying goodbye can help bridge the gap and speed the process of settling happily into your new home.

So start making lists in your Smart Moving Notebook of people and things you want to say goodbye to before you move. Encourage others in your entourage do the same.

The hardest good-byes are those to the important people in your life who will not be nearby after your move. How can you say these farewells before you’re swamped with work and buried in the confusion of packing?

  • Have lunch with old friends and co-workers during the few weeks before your move.
  • Plan to have a backyard barbecue for the neighbors a month before you leave.
  • Host a family potluck get-together.
  • Take cookies and say goodbye at a meeting of your church group, civic organizations, and youth sports teams.

Moving is a good excuse for a party! Maybe you should plan a party for the others in your moving group. Here are a few party ideas:

  • Young children may want to take cupcakes, cookies, or fruit and vegetable snacks to school, day care, or a play group.
  • Pre-teens or teens may want to plan their own weekend evening going-away party.
  • Teens may prefer treating friends to a day at a nearby amusement park.
  • Plan on buying pizza and pop for co-workers’ lunch.

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