Goodbye to Home

Some homes (houses, apartments, condominiums, lean-tos) can be easy to bid adieu. Others can be more difficult. And some family members have better memories about a house than others.

So how can you say good-bye to This Old House?

The best way is to give folks a chance to talk, remember, and share memories of the house. For some groups, a family meeting is best. For others, a one-on-one goodbye is better. And for some, it’s “good riddance!”

Memories are transportable. And new ones will be custom-made at your new home. Photos can keep good memories alive. Make sure you have or get pictures of friends, family, the old house and neighborhood, and favorite spots around town. If you don’t already have them, dust off (or borrow) a camera or camcorder and get moving. Take a couple rolls or a whole videotape. Put the photos in an album.

Here are a few photo opportunities:

  • Flowers and plants in your yard
  • Your favorite restaurant
  • Children’s schools, friends, and hangouts
  • Your workplace
  • Your church, synagogue, temple, or meeting hall
  • Your neighborhood
  • Pets you’re leaving behind with friends or new families
  • Your old boss without his toupee

Moving Resources

Ask your photo processor if digital prints are available. If so, your photos will be copied to a diskette. You can then use software to attach photos to your electronic mail messages to friends back home.

 Goodbye to Friends

Move Counseling